Sunday, 26 March 2017

82 Seconds

82 Seconds that's all you took
82 Seconds to cause devastation and lose.
To take away love, hopes and dreams of those just in your way.
...and what of you? did you hope of some glory?
Why, who or what for?
A cause or God?
I'd say you were a worm but that would be unfair to worms.
They slither on the ground but they have a soul with in every ripple of their bodies.
You're far below them, you have no soul, just the streak of a coward.
A coward mowing down people who had no chance to fight back.
What God would even recognize such a soulless creature as you.
London has faced the warped wrath of hate many times before.
Did you really think your 82 seconds of warped ideology
would bring her to her knees?
London gets hurt but she always gets back up and stands proud.
While you? You were just a speck of dirt on humanity.

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