Friday, 21 April 2017

Storms in my head

Dark clouds gathering.
Storms in my head.
Some storms are for dancing in,
Some are for shouting at.
Yet some are for curling in a ball
 and waiting for the dark clouds to pass.
Pick your battles, pick your days.

This was written as part Dark Poetry hosted by Magaly Guerrero.


  1. We certainly can't fight them all--no one has that much energy--better to learn about our surroundings, about the fights, about ourselves... and pick the battles that suggest we'll have a change.

  2. I love this!!❤️ Indeed, we must pick our days and pick our battles!❤️

  3. If only we could harness the energy of these storms as yes we all get depleted raging against the endless appearance of so much we need to be defiant of... We must pick our battles, and pick when to take time out... Well written!

  4. Precise with words and images. And may we pick our battles, indeed!

  5. Sometimes the best way to win one large battle is to sit out a smaller one and use the time to heal. Then hopefully we'll have the energy to really go wild during one of the dancing storms.


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